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Bea Boomer’s Vital Aging Project – Day 34 – 3/20/15


Bea’s Buzz for Friday:

Don’t know about you, but Bea gets tired of seeing bad news on television or on the Internet.  She has a tendency to yell at politicians when she sees them on the tv screen, causing her blood pressure to rise dangerously. She gets angry when she sees people being victimized by thugs and scammers.  She cries when she sees children getting killed by bullets being shot into their homes. 

So this week, in honor of spring springing, she decided to look for some good news – and guess what?  She found it.  

From the AARP Bulletin (March 2015) – Great news relating to Bea’s previous post about protecting your vision

  • New technologies, such as telescopic implants, for macular degeneration.  Contact lenses containing eye medication for glaucoma sufferers.  Injection therapy to help those of us with the wet form of macular degeneration.  

From the Good News Network:

Inspiration from the website:

  • Centenarian Frieda Lefeber has her first solo art exhibition at Rosemont College in Pennsylvania.  She started taking art courses there in her 70s, and published her autobiography at age 88!  Read more about Ms. Lefeber and her philosophy about life in this article

And hey, the official start to spring is simply great news!  Life is good today.  

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A Journey to Self-Confidence


Bea Boomer’s Wellness Project – Day 17 – 2/11/15

Today, I’m just going to be myself, Camille – not Bea Boomer. 

Cam Photo

For many years, I lived with my eyes open only to my weaknesses and what I believed I was constantly doing “wrong.”  In high school, I tried to hide – I felt ugly. In young adulthood, I made wrong choices, based on my lack of self-worth.  In my thirties, I often felt my daughter and husband would be better off without me. 

It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I realized I had to take the steps toward building my self-confidence. My brother died unexpectedly at 50 years old, and I realized how short life was.  My life was passing me by, and I wasn’t living the life I wanted to be living! I was afraid, and didn’t think I had what it took to achieve my goals. The first step to change involved taking charge of my inner beliefs. 

At the age of 47, when I got a job in a workplace that offered tuition reimbursement.  I made a commitment to myself and finally pursued my dream of getting my Bachelor’s degree (many years after getting my Associate’s at a local community college).  I graduated with high honors at the age of 50.  I felt so accomplished! 

Then at work, I became one of the primary members of our workplace wellness committee, and I got the opportunity to write health/wellness email newsletters for the employees.  And people liked what I wrote.  Then a work friend gave me a magazine article about blogging, and encouraged me to start a blog of my own.  It was so cool to be doing something I’ll always be passionate about:  writing about health and fitness for women.

These were a couple of the things that made me realize I had something valuable to offer the world.  As does every woman I know, and those I don’t know (but who I hope are reading these words).   I’ll be 58 soon, and I’ve finally content with myself, flaws and all.  I believe that changing my outlook will help me “grow” as I age, rather than just “getting” old.

Vital aging is not only about resilience, as I wrote about on Monday’s post.  It’s about discovering the wealth inside yourself.  It’s about becoming the self-confident woman you should be, no matter what your age. 

For several strategies you can take to build your own self-confidence, see Bea’s Buzz on Friday, February 13th. 


Why I Read “Success Consciousness”




The Success Consciousness website,  created by Remez Sasson, is the home of one of my favorite personal development blogs.  At the Success Conscious site, readers who are interested in personal development can buy one of Remez’s many books which include topics such as: Self-improvement, motivation, inner peace, spiritual growth, and more. What I like is that you can download free chapters/excerpts from some of his books, to review before purchasing.

Stressed out today? Or just want to relax before bed? Watch one of Remez’s meditation videos. If you’re interested in connecting with others and talking about personal and spiritual development, you can check out the site’s forums.

My favorite part of the site, however, is Remez’s blog, found here.

I recently read a post that described me in my younger years.  Titled, A Few Questions to Ask Yourself, it talked about asking yourself how you react to things that happen in your day. Do you get angry and upset at the little irritations that pop up?  Do you dwell on problems, personal criticism, and such?  Remez points out that how we respond to life’s obstacles has a lot to do with our peace of mind.  And he provides ideas about how to rid ourselves of our automatic negative reactions.

This post also reminded me about something I had learned from Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, and that is: Don’t take things personally!

Don’t know about you, readers, but developing my own peace of mind has been a continuous journey.  It’s worth the trip, though, because at least for myself, serenity has led to a greater sense of self-acceptance and happiness.

A few other posts that I enjoyed:

(1) How to avoid negative thinking

(2) When One Door Closes Another Opens

(3) How to calm your mind

And one post that reminds me not to give up on my dream to write a book, and may convince you not to give up on your dreams either:

50 Famously Successful People Who Failed At First





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Live Bold and Bloom: Good Reading




Barrie Davenport writes Live Bold and Bloom, a personal development blog. Live Bold and Bloom is a guide to help readers live fearlessly. 

 I like the idea of living fearlessly, especially as I get older.  Life is too short to be confined by fear.  Fear limits me and narrows my options. Facing fear head on is empowering.

Barrie’s blog is very professionally done, and no wonder. She’s not only a career and life transition coach, but a blogging coach, as well.  You can read more about her and why she created Live Bold and Bloom here.

Here’s a sampling of some of Barrie’s posts:

I recently downloaded Barrie’s e-book, “The Bold Living Guide: 7 Key Ingredients for a Meaningful Life,” which you can get in your email simply by subscribing to her blog.  

This is a short guide, merely 46 pages long, making it an easy read. Yet in that easy read, you’ll find concise guidance for finding meaning and happiness in your life.  Barrie defines the 7 key ingredients as: Security and Comfort, Balance and Moderation, Contribution, Relationships, Beauty, (that is, savoring the everyday beauty in our lives)  Creativity, and Personal Growth. 

Other Live Bold and Bloom free downloads can be found here.

So, do you want to be fired up about life? Inspired to make some changes?  Live Bold and Bloom is bookmarked in my favorites. Check it out, you may find a new favorite yourself!