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Bea’s Wellness Project – Day 26 – 3/2/15

Bea’s daughter was in town this week-end, and they needed some “girl time,” shopping and lunching at the mall.  Which meant that writing a post for today’s wellness project fell by the wayside. 

Instead, Bea is sharing a few of her old favorite posts and hopes you enjoy them!

10 Minute Energy Boosts

Can You Hear Me Now?

Ladies, You’ve Got to Have Friends!





Need an Energy Boost?


Instead of drinking energy drinks such as Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy, try boosting your energy the natural, healthy way: Through good food choices such as whole grains, nuts, fiber, and others, as shown in this slideshow from WebMD. 

Note that while the slideshow does mention energy drinks (in slide 18), it also notes that they’re high in calories and are more suited for athletes who need a quick burst of energy.