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During her years of googling through the Internet, Bea’s discovered a ton of resources to enhance our vital aging journey, as well as sites/blogs that are just for fun.

Bea has just begun compiling links for this page, so keep an eye on this page every Thursday for weekly updates!  Please notify Bea at if you come across a broken link on this page. Have you found any got-to-share websites or blogs for vital aging?  Email Bea and she’ll be happy to add them. 

Categories include: 

  • Brain Health/Brain Fitness
  • Emotional Wellness/Mental Health 
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Fitness/Exercise 
  • Physical Health/Wellness
  • Proactive Aging
  • Government Resources 
  • Just for Fun 
  • Disease/Condition Specific 
  • Reference

Brain Health/Brain Fitness

Want to find out what makes your brain tick?  Take a look at the Center for Brain Health, founded by Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD. She and her team of neuroscientists are conducting extensive research to discover how the brain works; along with what can be done to keep it strong and resilient at every age.  Check out the Brain Health Dailywhich provides “brain health tips, tidbits, and trivia of the day.”   Also found at the Center for Brain Health:  The Brain Performance Institutea state-of-the-art brain training center, backed by extensive research, conducted by brain experts.  You can read more about brain training here

For you lifelong learners out there:

GoHighBrow – Mini-courses sent directly to your inbox. Categories include art, history, health, architecture, economics, music, and so much more. 

FutureLearn – Free online courses from top universities and organizations. 

Emotional Wellness/Mental Health

Help Guide  One of Bea’s favorite mental health/wellness sites.  Help Guide has 31 topic categories, which can easily be found on the site’s home page.  This site was founded by Jeanne and Robert Segal, in honor of their daughter, who committed suicide in 1999.  Their goal is to help others who suffer from major depression and other mental illnesses.

Mental Health America – A non-profit resource founded over a century ago.  This is a wonderful resource for mental health news, mental health resources and support, advocacy and more.  

One new report recently released by MHA is Parity or Disparity: The State of Mental Health in America 2015, which is available as a PDF download and can be found at this link. 

Personal Development

Tiny Buddha offers “Simple Wisdom for Complex Times,” which says it all, doesn’t it? Founded by Lori Deschene, the site has been around since 2009 and has millions of readers (I’m envious, Lori!).  Tiny Buddha provides a wide variety of articles meant to not only provide knowledge, but to inspire readers to take action to apply that knowledge to their lives.  Recent articles included:

Sign up for daily or weekly updates from the site, and receive a free e-book, 92 Life Lessons (I signed up but haven’t read the book yet; I’ll review it in a later blog post).  Enjoy reading e-books about personal development?  Tiny Buddha offers 5 Tiny Wisdom e-books at a reasonable $4.97 each or $19.97 for all five. Check ’em out here

Physical Fitness/Exercise

Medline Plus: Exercise & Physical Fitness (a governmental resource)- Looking for fitness information that you can trust?  Make Medline Plus your first stop!  Ther information at this website is provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library.  The exercise and physical fitness home page includes the latest news about physical fitness/exercise, health check tools (such as Choose my, statistics and research, peer-reviewed journal articles, and more.  The site has 17 language options for international readers.  Are you a senior (or as I prefer to call us, “age empowered”)?  Check out the senior fitness pages

American Council on Exercise – Sign up for a free account at this wonderful all- encompassing fitness resource.  

  • Become a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health coach, or advanced health/fitness specialist
  • Ask an ACE Expert 
  • Set a personal fitness challenge 
  • Find a workout just for you 
  • Visit the workout library 

One of my favorite parts of the ACE website is its Healthy Living pages.  Categories include: Fit Life, Tools for Life, Podcasts, Videos, and more.  Sample article: 

5 Ways to Incorporate Activity into your Workday (Activity is so important! The sitting disease can lead to many health concerns that CAN be prevented with physical activity and exercise)

Physical Health/Wellness: 

Third Age – Health and wellness for “boomer and beyond” women.  Categories include Health A – Z, Aging Well, Lifestyle, Relationships, and Blogs; along with a Care Providers search option.

 U.S. News & World Report, Health: At this site, you’ll find a variety of articles related to health and wellness, including some great articles under the category “Summer Survival Guide.”  This site also researches and ranks doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, health care plans and diets, to help consumers make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.  Examples of what you’ll find:

Proactive Aging:

Coming of Age – This site defines itself as “all about what people 50+ can do.” Provides resources for 50-somethings to explore future opportunities and to connect/make a difference in their communities.  Also talks about how organizations can promote positive aging.  

National Center for Creative Aging – Growing older doesn’t have to hinder our creativity.  Creativity at any age enhances our lives and challenges our brains.  NCCA has community, health/wellness and lifelong learning initiatives to help us do just that! 

Taos Institute – A resource for adults of all ages. Taos Institute is about people working together to create change. The website provides publications and resources to reach its objectives.  You can read more about its mission hereI enjoy reading the Positive Aging Newsletter, you can sign up for it at this link:

Government Resources:

Health Finder

MedlinePlus: Women’s Health 

National Insitute of Mental Health 

NIH Senior Health 

U.S.  Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health

Just for Fun

The Fun Theory – a site founded by people who believe that making things fun can change people’s behavior for the better. What a great idea! 

Got something you want to share with others?  Love to write?  Are you trying to market your business?  Are you simply ready to try something new and fun?  Try blogging! 

Don’t know where to start?  Well, I found a great resource for you! FirstSiteGuide is a free resource for new and not-so-new bloggers.  Download the PDF version of  How to Start a Blog  (or read it online) and you’ll discover an extensive guide covering everything from finding a niche, choosing a blogging platform, types of content, blog promotion, and so much more.  Blogging experts contributed their advice to this guide, which makes it invaluable.  But did I mention, it’s free? Other free resources include the Pro Blogger Toolkit which offers resource options (some free, some not) in a variety of categories: logo design tools, graphic/web design tools, WordPress themes, content marketing tools, just to name a few.  The site also offers online videos via YouTube.  You can even get online advice from blogging experts.  FSG makes it fun and easy to start your own blog.  

Disease Condition Specific Sites (only Bea’s favorites) 

Alzheimer’s Organization –  Learn about the early signs of Alzheimer’s, risk factors, and how this organization can help those of us not only living with AD, but also the caregivers. Find a support group. Find a walk in your community to help end Alzheimer’s! 

For your heart health’s sake, check out the American Heart Association – a vital resource for you and your family.  What the AHA has to offer:

  • The Getting Healthy Link provides resources for families relating to nutrition, physical activity, healthier kids, and more.
  • The Conditions link is a great way to learn about heart conditions, high blood pressure, and stroke.
  • Are you a caregiver?  Check out the AHA’s Caregiver link for support and other resources.
  • Are you involved in a workplace wellness program?  The American Heart Association has some great resources for employee wellness.

Online –  Find emergency cardiovascular care, first aid and CPR online education

Be the Match Foundation – Helping patients with blood cancers, researching for a cure, raising funds, and home of the Be the Match Registry (This one is near and dear to my heart:  my sister-in-law just celebrated her 4 year anniversary of her bone marrow transplant). 


Bartleby – Electronic versions of classic literature, verse, reference books – Dictionary, thesaurus, a Word of the Day quiz and a Word Fact

Famous Quotes and Quotations – Sign up for their newsletter and get a quote for the day, entertaining fact for the day, and an interesting/helpful article.

Internet Public Library 2 – Online library, with resources for kids, teens, and adults 

Wordsmith  – Want to increase your vocabulary?  Subscribe and receive a “word of the day” sent to your inbox daily
















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