Beware the Dreaded Sitting Disease!

Okay, fellow Americans, listen up! We. are. in. big. Trouble with a capitol T. 

Dr. Oz says so, and he’s Oprah’s bud, has a television show and a website and take a look at his credentials, will ya? Not to mention, he’s one fine looking man. 

So, what’s the word from Dr. O?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are in the throes of a “sitting epidemic.” 
Simply this:  We sit too darn much.  We sit at work.  We sit in the car (well, I guess we don’t have much choice there, do we?) After sitting most of the day at work, we come home and sit in front of the computer screen or the television.

And I’ve also noticed that some of us have an interesting habit of sitting in our garages, watching the world go by.  My neighbors actually have a living room set in their garage! What’s up with that?

Anyhoo, all this sitting is just not good for us. At all.  For one thing, it slows down your metabolism and decreases your circulation, though this article from the website also points out that more research is needed – let’s hope the researchers are standing up while they delve into this subject!

Other experts have even stronger words about this sitting epidemic, claiming that it’s deadly because it leads to obesity and heart attacks.

If you recognize symptoms of this disease in yourself (like, is there a big dent in your family room couch?) here’s what you can do:

First, push yourself up to a squat position.

Second, keep lifting your butt up from the couch or chair until you’re in a standing position. 

Just  Get Up and Do Something!  Your butt, and the rest of your body, will thank you. 

To quote that disco era Bee Gee’s tune, “Whatcha doin’ on your butt? You should be dancing, yeah!” (Okay, I took some liberties with those lyrics – according to the internet, it’s your back, not your butt. I think butt makes more sense)

BTW, Have you taken a look at John Travolta since he’s quit disco dancing? 

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