Bea’s 3 Favorite Strength Training DVDs




Bea loves strength training and finds it does great things for both her body and mind.  Heck, what’s not to love about an exercise that strengthens your bones, builds muscle and ramps up your metabolism?

Here are a few of her current favorite DVDs:

  • Star Trainers –  5 fitness experts, 5 twenty minute weight workouts.  The routines are easy to follow. The workouts may be short, but they definitely make you sweat.


  • Denise Austin 3-Week Boot Camp – 2 twenty minute workouts and a bonus 6 minute “ab fat blaster.” After all these years, Denise’s voice still annoys Bea. But once she learned the routine, she just muted the audio!


  •  Chris Freytag’s Walk and Sculpt – a combination of cardio and strength training. Bea enjoys interval training and Chris makes her work! Ahh, but it feels so good when it’s over.  (This routine is from her Walking Cardio Shape Up Max DVD)


All three of these DVDs are available at Amazon.

Hey readers!  Bea’s always on the lookout for new strength training DVDs.  Got any suggestions?


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Is Your Thyroid Underactive?

Female doctor using her tablet computer - isolated over a white background

I went to see my doctor earlier this year for my annual exam. I got blood tests, as usual. Something was different this time – blood test results indicated that my thyroid levels were low.  My doc prescribed thyroid medication, Levothyroxine.  

Hypothyroidism - Printed Diagnosis with Red Pills, Injections and Syringe. Medical Concept with Selective Focus.

What the heck do I know about my thyroid or thyroid levels?  Not much.   So I googled it.  How in the heck did I ever survive without Google?

So here’s what I knew before I sought Google knowledge:

  • Our thyroid is located somewhere in our neck, and can be over- or under-active.
  • We can get thyroid cancer. This I knew because one of my close friends had it, and the doctor took out her thyroid surgically.

That’s pretty much it.  My knowledge of the thyroid, in a nutshell.

What I found out about the thyroid after my search:

  • It’s shaped like a butterfly and is located just below the Adam’s apple, wrapped around our windpipe.*
  • For a little thing, it’s pretty important.  The thyroid makes a hormone that affects our metabolism and  “influences every organ, tissue and cell in the body.” **  Now that’s a powerful gland.
  • Millions of people in our country have an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism,** many of them women. It often affects those of us who are over the big 5-0
  • Hypothyroidism may be a contributor to high cholesterol! **
  • Other thyroid conditions include Hashimoto’s Disease and Graves Disease.

Some of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism:

(1) Fatigue

(2) Weight gain

(3) Intolerance to cold (And I thought I just had an intolerance to Michigan’s long winters!)

(4) Muscle and joiht pain

(5) Depression

(6) Dry, thinning hair

(7) Slowed heart rate

(8) Difficulty swallowing

(9) Constipation

After reading that an underactive thyroid affects more women  than men, I wondered about the reasons behind this, other than the fact that women seem to suffer with more burdens in life than men do. **Sigh.** But then again, we are the stronger sex, so we can take on more burdens.

Unfortunately, several Google searches didn’t turn up much of an answer to my question. In fact, in an article at the Women to Women website, OB/GYN NP Marcelle Pick pointed out that no one really knows why women have a tendency to suffer from hypothyroidism.  She does say that there could be a connection between our thyroid hormones and our reproductive hormones.

I do know that my thyroid function is back on track, now that I’m taking medication.  If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, you just may want to get your doc to check out your thyroid levels.



**Rodale Press. Prevention’s Ultimate Guide to Women’s Health and Wellness. 2002.

***National Institute of Diabetes and Digestiveand Kidney Diseases. Hypothyroidism. 

For further reading: 

Hypothyroidism in Women 



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