Celebrate the Earth Today!

Good morning, fellow earthlings!

Ok, so we have this one planet Earth.  We know, from NASA’s ventures into space, that we just can’t rocket ourselves to another planet in the Universe.  So far, we haven’t found any other places out in space that are habitable for humans, and I  think I can safely say that we never will.

We have the Earth, and it’s in our power to protect it.  In my humble opinion, one day just isn’t gonna do it. I mean, one stinking day??? For a planet that gives us so much?

Take a look:

Beautiful Planet Earth

So I’m thinking, why just Earth Day?  We need an Earth year, or decade, or even a century.  Let’s keep the Earth rolling for our kids and all future generations.

The History of Earth Day:

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970.  In the same year, President Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  In 1972, DDT (a cancer
causing pesticide) was banned, which eventually led to the bald eagle being taken off the endangered species list.  Also in 1972, Congress passed the Clean Water Act,
reducing sewage and other pollutants in our rivers, streams and lakes.  Other steps taken in the seventies were the phasing out of leaded gasoline, fuel economy and emissions standards,  the Clean Air Act of 1977, and the banning of CFCs as propellants in aerosol cans.  The EPA has continued steps like these into the 21st century.  You can read
more about the EPA’s efforts to undo the damage to this planet here.

Some Simple Things We Can Do:

  • Pick up the litter around our neighborhoods. It drives me crazy when I see people using our planet as a garbage dump. (Would they dump their  fast food bags on the floor of their home???)
  • Bring your own bag to the store. I bought a couple of re-usable bags from my favorite retailer, Target, and after a couple of weeks,  finally got in the habit of remembering to take them out of the car when I went into the store!
  • Recycle the smart way. Check out Freecycle www.freecycle.org (a network of people who give and get free stuff) and Earth911, which has some great ideas for going green.
  • Buy in bulk to save money and reduce the waste from excess packaging.  Read more about buying bulk foods at the Bulk is Green Council website.
  • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.

Want more ideas?  There’s a ton of them out there.  Just check out these sites:

(1) How To Go Green

(2) Web Ecoist

You can read more about Earth Day at the Earth Day Network.

What are you doing on Earth Day this year?



Live Bold and Bloom: Good Reading




Barrie Davenport writes Live Bold and Bloom, a personal development blog. Live Bold and Bloom is a guide to help readers live fearlessly. 

 I like the idea of living fearlessly, especially as I get older.  Life is too short to be confined by fear.  Fear limits me and narrows my options. Facing fear head on is empowering.

Barrie’s blog is very professionally done, and no wonder. She’s not only a career and life transition coach, but a blogging coach, as well.  You can read more about her and why she created Live Bold and Bloom here.

Here’s a sampling of some of Barrie’s posts:

I recently downloaded Barrie’s e-book, “The Bold Living Guide: 7 Key Ingredients for a Meaningful Life,” which you can get in your email simply by subscribing to her blog.  

This is a short guide, merely 46 pages long, making it an easy read. Yet in that easy read, you’ll find concise guidance for finding meaning and happiness in your life.  Barrie defines the 7 key ingredients as: Security and Comfort, Balance and Moderation, Contribution, Relationships, Beauty, (that is, savoring the everyday beauty in our lives)  Creativity, and Personal Growth. 

Other Live Bold and Bloom free downloads can be found here.

So, do you want to be fired up about life? Inspired to make some changes?  Live Bold and Bloom is bookmarked in my favorites. Check it out, you may find a new favorite yourself!

Baby Boomers and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is devastating not only to the person who suffers from it, but also for the family members who have to watch their loved one’s mind deteriorate, day by day. 

 As the first baby boomers turn 65 this year, more and more of them face the likelihood of developing this disease.  Simply take a look at this Alzheimer’s Association Facts and Figures Report for the sad statistics. 

Interested in learning more? The Alzheimer’s Association  has recently released a report, Generation Alzheimer’s: The Defining Disease of the Baby Boomers. You can get that report sent to your email inbox by signing up here.

Please, share the latest news about Alzheimer’s Disease by sharing this link with your friends and family:


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Bea’s Five Favorite Walking DVDs


Walking has always been one of Bea’s favorite ways to exercise.  Walking is great because it’s easy to do, there’s no equipment needed, and you can do it indoors or outside.  Walking provides many health benefits, also.

Are you a beginner?  Ready to get off the couch and start walking? 

  • Try Leslie Sansone’s Start Walking series; 1, 2 and 3 mile walks.  Leslie developed this series for the American Heart Association’s Start Walking program.

For more challenge, and if you’re not afraid to do some jogging, try:

  • Leslie’s The Big Burn, 2 Miles of Intervals. This DVD starts with brisk walk, then adds short intervals of jogging (which you can modify, if you choose) to “boost” your workout.

If you love working with weights, you’ll love these next two walking DVD options.  Chris Freytag combines walking with sculpting exercises:  

  • Chris Freytag’s Walking Cardio Shape-Up
  • Chris Freytag’s Walk and Sculpt

You can buy these DVDs as a set at the Exercise TV store.  These DVDs really get Bea’s  heart pumping and the strength training bonus is a great way to build muscle.

Bea’s latest favorite is one she recently checked out from her local library. This is a great way to “test out” exercise DVDs before buying them.  

  • Biggest Loser Power Walk, which includes four 1 mile walking workouts.  Do one mile at a time or as many as you have the energy to do!  Mile 2 calls for light weights, and mile 4 uses a medicine ball, but this equipment is optional. 

What Bea really likes about the Biggest Loser DVD is that for two of the walks, the leaders are two of the actual biggest losers, Tara Costa and Sione Fa.  And of course, it’s motivating to see real people doing the exercises! 

What are your favorite exercise DVDs?  Bea’s always looking for more exercise options.

Stress Awareness Month

Stressed Out?

April is Stress Awareness Month.  I don’t know about you, but I’m very aware of stress nowadays! Can you think of anyone who isn’t stressed?  (Well, maybe babies. And dogs. Perhaps cats.)

 Work stress abounds: More work for less employees.   Morale is low, and workers are getting cranky.  

Economic stress dominates:   The newspapers shouts about it in its headlines every day.  Budget crises in all levels of government. Unemployment still high.  Housing market still shaky.

Not to mention day-to-day stressors: Family disagreements, people battling life-threatening illnesses, trying to make that dollar stretch, taking care of aging parents . . .

How Stress Affects Us

So we know that we’ve all got stressors.  Unless we’re living in a cave somewhere far far away from here, like, say, the moon.

And some stress in our lives is okay, of course.  Life would be boring if we didn’t have any stress at all.  But it’s the heavy duty, chronic stress that can affect us negatively. 

Even regular old stress affects us physically. For me, when I’m stressed out, my stomach lets me know it, and I toss and turn at night. This Mayo Clinic article points to further physical symptoms, as well as emotional and behavioral ones.

Medicine Net talks more about the symptoms of excess stress in its Stress Management Techniques article, and provides some ways to manage stress.

Finally, MSNBC has an interactive piece that defines how stress affects our bodies. For example, stress causes digestive problems, back pain, skin problems; it can even lead to  belly fat, which in turn leads to other health problems.

Further Reading:

  • The American Institute of Stress is a non-profit organization provides information on all types of stress-related topics and is dedicated to stress research.
  • Medline Plus offers some great resources, including overviews, treatment, latest research, and more.

How do you deal with stress?  Do you have some tips to share with other readers?

    Good Blog Find: Happy Health

    Happy Health is a site that defines itself as a “Lifestyle Health Guide for 55+” and that’s a good description. 

     Whether you’re looking for 55+ recreational activities, health articles for an active lifestyle, vacation options, dating and relationship tips – you’ve come to the right place. 

    Happy Health has a team of writers, each one concentrating on a different area of the 55+ lifestyle. 

    Mary Albert  is the team’s health writer. Mary recently wrote a guest post for Bea Boomer’s Wellness, an article about exercising your brain to fight memory loss.

    She’s written some good articles on Happy Health as well, including:

    For those of us who are taking care of elderly parents, Mary has also written several articles about medical alert systems. 

    Other team members include:

    Jack Stewart, recreational writer:

    In this article, he describes the social wellness and health benefits of yoga.

    Other recreational articles for 55+ folks include:

    Alice Mitchell, travel writer, talks about online travel deals in this article:

    And provides some tips for newbie RV travelers in this post:

    Finally, Dorthy Wilson is the relationship writer. Are you in your fifties and dating? Dorthy gives you some tips in her articles:

    Happy Health also includes a link to Product Reviews, where the writers review medical alert systems. You can also sign up and get a free e-book on Natural Anti-Aging Tips.