3 Health Sites for Women Only

Bea Boomer’s Vital Aging Project – Day 41 – 4/6/15

The Center for Young Women’s Health – According to its About page, the Center’s objective is to provide teen girls and young women with well-researched health information relating to both physical/emotional development and diseases/conditions. This site is also a non-commercial site; a partnership among three medical divisions of the Boston Children’s Hospital.  There are resources for both health care professionals and parents.  An example of an article from the site’s emotional health category: Anxiety

Medline Plus – Women’s Health – a website from the National Institutes of Health, produced by the National Library of Medicine.  This site provides trusted information specific to women’s unique health concerns. The site is uncluttered and easy to maneuver; it’s also updated on a regular basis.  You can sign up for women’s health updates.  An example of what you’ll find here: Osteoporosis, the Bone ThiefThe site also provides a variety of videos and fun tools, which can be found here. 

 Society for Women’s Health Research – Founded in 1990, by a group of health professionals, the site is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary of research and advocacy for women’s unique health diseases and concerns.  Resources include women’s health topics from A – Z, clinical trials, public education, and videos. There is a link describing SWHR’s advocacy issues, and how women can take action for themselves. Example of what can be found at the site: (under the Public Education link) Research on breast cancer recurrence. SWHR can be found on Facebook and Twitter.  

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8 Reliable Health Resources

Interested in health and wellness?  Want to read about the latest research, health conditions, and more? Looking for trustworthy sources?

Don’t fall for health and wellness hype and scams!  When seeking out reliable health information, here’s what to look for:

  • Non-profit sites, those affiliated with governmental agencies, hospitals, universities, and public health organizations such as the American Heart Association.  These resources use medical facts and peer-reviewed research to provide health consumers with current, accurate information.

I’ve done some legwork for you.   Check out these 8 reliable resources:

(1) Medline Plus

(2) Johns Hopkins Medicine

(3) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

(4) Merck Manual Home Health Handbook

(5) Tuft’s University

(6) Medscape (for latest medical news)

(7) Harvard Health

(8) Health Finder




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